Our Story

Welcome to the paradise that is Isola Joyeria. Born from our Italian heritage and latin cultural influences- our jewelry is inspired by the eternal summer and long days spent under the sun, chasing the sunset. 

Daring and indulgent- Isola Joyeria is a seductive whisper of opulence, a bold proclamation of desire, and an unapologetic celebration of self-indulgence. We speak to the adventurous, those unafraid to express their individuality through our 18k gold plated jewelry.

Our purpose is to deliver obtainable high-quality jewelry at an affordable price point. Plated in 18k gold, our jewels are waterproof and hypoallergenic. We are committed to offering bold and unique pieces made to stack and layer, while effortlessly making a statement.

Go ahead, indulge in your desires... 

 Isola Joyeria